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A story about family.

Oscar-winning actor Donald Sutherland narrates "Rainbows in Windows." This viral children's book from Yumi tells the story of little Amos sheltering at home with his mom. It's the perfect way to talk to your kids about COVID-19.


Introduction: Basil Brown

Written by: Arianna Schioldager Narration: Donald Sutherland

Music by: City Father

Illustrations: Karo Oh 


A Science-Based Guide to Nutrition for Baby's First 1,000 Days. 

Until age 2, a child’s body develops at superspeed―with 60 percent of calorie intake going straight to brain development―so good nutrition is essential. Reviewed and approved by a board of pediatricians, First Bites connects nutrition and development with hard-hitting data, fascinating facts, and flavorful, healthy food. 

"An incredible resource for all parents looking for solid nutritional guidance."
― Adam Gazzaley, MD, PhD. 

"This book is a delicious guide for giving your children the very best start in life!"
― Harvey Karp, MD, FAAP, founder of Happiest Baby and creator of SNOO



A story about fortitude. 

Kristen Bell narrates “From Seeds Come Sunflowers.” A new and notable children’s book about finding hope during challenging times.⁠ ⁠Serving as a resource for families who have been hurt by conflict. May the seeds we sow today grow to be sunflowers tomorrow.

All proceeds supported World Central Kitchen, providing millions of meals to families across Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Moldova, and Hungary. ⁠ 

Introduction: Basil Brown

Written by: Arianna Schioldager Narration: Kristen Bell 

Illustrations: Masha Karpushina 

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